Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X – Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X: As we all know, gaming does not only depend on what console you use or what game you are about to play.

Gaming is an all for all visual experience so in order to reach the highest pinnacle in your trial, you need to own a well built device that will deliver your game graphics justly.

The gaming monitor market is constantly changing and time over time you might hear of new types of monitors like: 4K display or UHD, and you will wonder what would be best for gaming and which suits you more than the other.

And since not everything is just about the price, we brought you our top selections for best monitors for Xbox One X for you to look through and see which one might meet with your needs, also at the end of this review, we will note down a mini buyer’s guide for you to know what are the important components of what makes a gaming monitor the best.

Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X

1. LG 27UD58-B – Best 4k Monitor for Xbox One X

Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One XThis LG beauty is one of the top 27 inch screens that leads the way in the 4K technology; it features an Ultra High Definition (UHD), In Plane Switching (IPS) panel, and above all an AMD’s FreeSync card to deliver marvelous colors.

The monitor serves the traditional classic design with its modest matte black finish which helps in clearing any reflection issues. The monitor is also supported by a curved stand which adjusts the height and tilt settings to your preference.

At 4K resolution like this, you will obtain a smooth gaming experience thanks to its Dynamic Action Sync feature, it will help reduce any input lags during game time, also thanks to its 5 ms response time speed, you will hardly find any ghosting or image blurring.

Not to forget the vividy of colors acknowledgement of its IPS panel which transmit high image quality.

When you install the On Screen Control software; it will help you adjust more settings from a desktop application such as: screen splitting feature which comes in handy with multiplayer games.

Also if you play more than one game, and you need different display settings for each one, you can pre-calibrate picture presets which will help you in simply choosing an already done preset according to the game you play.

In addition to having a Black Stabilizer feature which raises the easiness to more visibility in the dark scenes.

Regarding connectivity settings, the LG 27UD58-B is graced with a couple of inputs and outputs that could be found at the rear of the cabinet: two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort. Sadly, it lacks any USB ports.


  • Strong gaming performance.
  • AMD Freesync.
  • Superb visuals quality.
  • A built-in Game Mode.


  • Lack of USB ports.
  • No built-in speakers.
  • Not the highest screen brightness.

All in all, the LG 27UD58-B delivers superb gaming performance with its vibrant colors, high performance, and comprehensive detailed image quality. And with its price, we can totally say it is best 4k gaming monitor for Xbox One X.

2. LG 27UD68-W – Best Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X

The LG 27UD68-W is one of the best 4K display monitors that deliver stunning image quality and superb gaming performance. It is one of the top gaming monitors in the league.

The 27 inch widescreen display features an ultra thin bezel that helps in making the picture pop out to the gamer, also it features even color proportion and an even more shaper and detailed image quality; it has an Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution making it way better and sharper than an HD monitor.

Furthermore, the monitor features an optical coating that helps preserving the user’s eyes during long gaming hours, and mainly reduce eye fatigueness.

With such display comes the split screening perk; you have the ability to make 2 or 4 window screens to be shown in 8 different screen ratios on the display without feeling cluttered.

The IPS panel helps with better viewing of the wide viewing angles with the chance of less tearing. With 5 ms which eliminates the chances of image ghosting and blurring, and so offering better gaming experience.

The connectivity inputs and outputs include two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, Dual Controller feature with an additional 3.55mm audio input jack.


  • Screen Split 2.0.
  • AMD FreeSync.
  • Brilliant color display.
  • Affordable price.


  • Non adjustable monitor base.
  • No built-in speakers.

In conclusion, the LG 27UD68-W is quite the 4K gaming monitor; with splendid graphics and game performance, what would anyone ask for more? It is certainly a catch to have with this reasonable price.

3. ASUS MG28UQ – Best 4k Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X

Best 4k Monitor for Xbox One X

Coming in 28 inch, this screen has definitely set a name for itself in the gaming monitors market, digging its way to the affordable UHD monitor land. Rocking the scene with a 1ms response time, and a flexible tilt and swivel stand, this is the number one choice as the best monitor for Xbox One X for you.

The Asus MG28UQ sports has a beautiful and sharp design, it is quite big compared to other competitors but it is so well built and well structured, it is hard to turn away from it.

One of its beauty features is its stand, you can fully adjust it without any screws so you can rotate it to any position you like.

The color accuracy is phenomenal, carving the way up for all the 4K screens out there with its supreme sharpness and vivid display.

The monitor features the ASUS Eye care technology with TUV certified Flicker free and Blue Light Filter; it makes gaming more comfortable for the players and it surely secures less eye fatigue that may occur from playing too long.

Not just that but with 1ms response time and Adaptive-Sync technology, you can be ensured with extra smooth visuals and responsive control for image tearing and ghosting.

As for the connectivity availability, you are met with: three HDMI ports (one HDMI 2.0, two HDMI 1.4), a single DisplayPort 1.2 connector as well, which is your only FreeSync connector. In addition to; three USB 3.0 upstreams, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


  • Amazing picture quality and pixel density.
  • Ergonomically designed stand.
  • Sturdy body design.
  • Built-in power supply.


  • Glitchy software.
  • Contrast shifting.
  • Deficient price.

Wrap up, the ASUS MG28UQ is quite the exceptional monitor; it acquires great features for heavy gamers, perhaps not the cheapest but also, not the most expensive. We recommend this monitor for all the gamers who want to own a 4k monitor that will fit to their needs.

4. Acer G257HU – A Great Budget Monitor for Xbox One X

When the G7 series was released, it took the gaming world by a storm introducing a new layout of thin wide screens yet delivering solid performances and an excellent output.

As some gamers prefer to mount their monitors on the wall and not use it as a desktop screen, Acer has provided a separate back plate and all other mounting accessories to purchase so you can get the best of both worlds.

The screen design is very stylish and elegant, there might be some concerns regarding the stand as it tend to be flimsy but overall it is one of the best monitors for Xbox One X.

The widescreen monitor has a 4ms response time and the technology included is IPS panel ensuring graphics running smoothly: no lagging nor picture stuttering.

The monitor comes with a DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, and audio cables; you can easily power up and extend the enjoyment from your smartphone or tablet on Full HD display.

However, it lacks USB ports and we recommend using separate adapters because it will become useful for using extra multimedia gadgets.

This monitor has some mega perks such as the Zero Frame Design; it is for the gamers who want to maximize screen space for better gaming experience. And if you love to use a multi-display setup, then this monitor is definitely for you.

Moreover, the Blue Light feature helps with adjusting the blue color density and the Flicker-less technology also helps in resting the eyes a bit and not making it strained especially for gamers who play for a long period, and in addition to the anti-glare technology; it makes it more comfortable viewing.


  • Very bright display.
  • Vibrant colors at wide viewing angles.
  • Affordable price.


  • Flimsy non-adjustable stand.
  • No VESA mounts.

Final words, the Acer G257HU is quite the decent budget monitor for Xbox One X, it delivers an amazing performance and video quality display, and those are enough reasons to spend and invest your money in this sweet device.

5. Dell UP2718Q – Best 4k HDR Monitor For Xbox One X

High Dynamic Range (HDR) gaming monitors are the new cool thing; they carry sufficient picture quality and a decent accuracy level with a wide native dynamic range.  And in result; producing a more brighter gaming experience for you.

This 27 inch 4K resolution screen is blessed with incredibly thin bezels, making it more possibly ideal for multiple monitor setup. The monitor is graced with a professional look more than elegant or stylish but it delivers high end performance.

It has an ergonomic stand that you can swivel, tilt or pivot to how you want your view to be, and with the cable-tidy hole on the upright of the slender, it makes your desk look clean and ready for a gaming session.

With IPS panel technology, a 60Hz refresh rate, and a 6ms response time; this monitor has the ability to provide vibrant and extra colorful colors making all the gamers happy, but with this response time, we can only count this Dell monitor for just casual, after work gaming, nothing too graphical.

Perhaps the most noticeable new feature found in the Dell UP2718Q is its Easy Arrange feature; you will be able to tackle multiple tasks at once and stay organized by tilting and viewing applications side by side which is excellent for the always busy people who need to get things done quickly or for all the multi-taskers out there.

As for the available connection ports, these are the ones included: a DisplayPort 1.4, a Mini DP 1.4, two HDMI 2.0a slots, along with a six USB 3.0 ports.


  • Wide color range.
  • Brilliant image quality.
  • Professional design look.


  • Not the fastest pixel response time.

In conclusion, the Dell UP2718Q is by all means an excellent monitor when it comes to its color accuracy and detailed image quality, and with its HDR content system; it will definitely catch your eyes.

6. Samsung UE590D – A Great 4k Monitor for Xbox One X

Best Monitor for Xbox One XIn the beginning of the 4K monitor field, it was hard to find a monitor with a reasonable price but since prices are dropping yet the specifications are getting up, the 4K world started evolving more and more; and so introducing the UE590D.

It is graced with the traditional Samsung look, however, everything about it will swoon you away.

The thick bezeled screen has a four-way joystick which you can use to navigate the OSD and toggle up/down the settings to your likings. This monitor comes in two sizes (either 24 or 28 inch), for gaming purposes we recommend the 28 inch size, it will be more appropriate to take advantage of the product’s 4K viewing, TN panel and along with 60Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time; you will not notice any severe input lag, or image tearing.

With resolution that is four times higher than a Full HD would provide, you will enjoy a wide range of color with the UHD system, in which we recommend for photo editing enthusiasts and video editors.

The available connection options are two HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.2 plus a 3.5mm audio jack, it might be limited to some users so we recommend using extra external adapters.


  • Stylish T-shaped design.
  • Firm image quality.
  • AMD FreeSync technology.
  • Excellent color gamut ranges


  • Lacking USB ports.
  • No stand multi-usage.

Final verdict, the Samsung U28D590D comes in a very reasonable price for all the above specifications making it one of the best 4K monitors for Xbox One X. It delivers a solid performance and a brilliant color accuracy.

Buyers’ Guide for Xbox One X Monitors:

Now after we have listed above all the best gaming monitors for Xbox One X and all their prominent features, now your choice is the only thing missing but before you decide, let us tell you the important specifications to look for while buying a new monitor for your gaming life.

G-Sync vs. FreeSync, What’s the Difference?

Resolution: it is the display’s pixel resolution measured, they indicate the level of image sharpness and details on the display.

Screen Size: the popular sizes among the market start from 23-inch to 30-inch; each size supports a different resolution: 24 and 25 inches support 1080p, 27-inch supports 1440p, and finally, the 28 and 30 inches support the 4K resolution.

Response Time: it is how quickly it takes a pixel to change from black to white or from one shade of grey to another, it induces the screen’s accuracy level, and the clarity’s efficiency.

Refresh Rate: it is measured in Hertz (Hz), and it demonstrates how many times the monitor can refresh or redraw the entire screen displayed image per second.

Connectivity: they are the inputs and output ports you can insert in such as: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, USB, and audio jacks. The more the ports are available the better.

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