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Unbox before unboxing

We provide useful content to everything related to laptops and computers as well as other consumer electronics in general. As well as all gadgets you might want to use with your device. We provide you the detailed info what you find when you unbox your new device/gadget. See our About Us for more on our site and team.

Gaming laptops

We’re active gamers ourselves and play on a regular basis. Mostly console games with Playstation, which we actually have at our office too, and play quite frequently. Sometimes we play real money games too at online casinos. However, this is something that LaptopUnboxed doesn’t offer, but you can find online casino reviews here.

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Business laptops

For business use, the somewhat heavy gaming laptops aren’t necessarily the best ones. If you are running from meeting to meeting you would prefer probably something light and easy to use. Maybe Chromebook (view: Best chromebooks) alone would be enough if Google Apps is all you need. At least for a content writer more than suitable. For a designer or a developer, Apple is a popular option. A laptop might not be necessary if you are not working from home, then iMac would do it.


Laptops aren’t much without proper accessories. Whether for casual gaming or business use, mouse, keyboard, and monitor are the essentials. And since we test and use them on a daily basis too, we cover these necessary tools too.