How To Pick The Best Headset For Gaming

How to Pick a Headset for GamingAudio and visual effects are the primary keys to any good gaming experiences nowadays as they take your experience to another level.

The quality of sound in any game is an essential matter; whereas subtle details and audio cues are what help shape the game experience better for you.

Indeterminately, choosing the right headset for gaming is surely not as easy as it sounds; thus within this article, we will list down some information that will come in handy regarding a couple of requirements you should search for and mostly, nothing that will break your bank balance to shreds.

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Sound Quality: perhaps the most important necessity to most headset users is the sound quality. There are three main focal points you need to focus on when it comes to sound quality:

  • Bass: truly convenient for first person shooter games; it helps in enriching the sounds of gunfire and explosions, making it more animate to the gamers.
  • Noise Cancellation: a great feature to be available especially for outdoor gamers, it is when an external microphone is used and it inverts any outside noise ergo cancels it.  

Wireless or Wired: For PC users, we recommend using wired headsets considering it the best option for you; it will not require any charging.

Nonetheless, wireless headsets needs charging which could be a problem for hardcore gamers who spend 7-8 hours straight playing, and on the other hand, there might be some issues regarding the wireless headsets when it comes to wireless sound transfer; there could be some disruption especially in cheap brands.

Durability: material quality is another substantial quality that must be found in a headset; always look for good tactile body along with the braided fabric cable that ensures abiding durability.

Comfort: make sure to choose a headset that fits smoothly to your head size, a flexible headband would be preferred, find a headset that is not too heavy, and the most satisfying of all, earbuds that has a soft feeling. Otherwise, if the earbuds are not adequate to your feeling preference then it might cause some hotness or discomfort from being worn for too long.

Microphone: a good microphone is a must; it comes very handy to online gamers and streamers who either record every step by step or play games that require multiplayers.

However, gaming manufacturers are not obligated to produce high quality microphones, they are just a part of the device just as long as they do their job correctly; going up and down and staying in place when in need.

We recommend external microphones as they will ensure better voice recording quality.

Open or Closed Body:

Both have their share of pros and cons; and eventually, it is up to you to make a final decision.

Closed headsets have a solid cup around the speaker and earpiece, any noise will be completely isolated from the outside; convenient for loud sound players who need a device that is able to contain the sounds inside the headphone’s buds so people around can not hear any sound.

Open headsets have a perforated ear cup that helps in generating a more natural, less muffled sound; they are not so great at isolating the sound in as the closed headset does.


It eventually truly depends on what you are looking for and what your budget is capable of; do not buy an expensive headset if you are just a casual player, try getting something below 100$ which would be comfortable, decent, and will get the job done.

By any means, if high end sound quality is a priority for you, you will find that most of the good headsets can be purchased for below $200 or could be more higher depending on your choice of brand.

Whatever your choice is, buy something that agrees with your needs.

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