Intel Core i7-8700K Review

Intel Core i7-8700K Review

The Intel i7-8700K is a powerful processor that can handle tough jobs in a short interval of time or a big workload in an elongated period of time. Although it can be a bit pricey, its specs and features make it a very good investment.

Review of Intel Core i7-8700K


The i7-8700K has 6 cores, which means you can quickly finish tasks that would have been time-consuming otherwise.

The base frequency is 3.70GHz but it can expand to be 4.70GHz which means reliable and quick performance. It can be overclocked to reach an exceptional 5.0GHz.

Intel states that the i7-8700K’s performance is 32% better than the i7-7700K for 4K video editing, 45% for gaming and streaming simultaneously, and 25% for gaming only.


It has 12 MB smartcache, which means easily retrieving data from the main memory and decreasing the time or energy needed for that, as well as storing copies of data from the main memory locations according to the frequency of your use of said data.

The TDP (thermal design power) on the i7-8700K is 95 Watts. This means that the average power it dissipates while it runs at the base frequency is 95 Watts. This means the performance of the i7-8700K would be of satisfactory speeds.

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The memory size of the i7-8700K is inherently 64 GBs of type DDR4-2666 and two memory channels.


Its visuals are quite great as the graphics base frequency is 350 MHz and the dynamic frequency is 1.20 GHz. It supports 4K resolution at 60 Hz. It has Intel quick sync video and InTru 3D technologies.


The sockets supported (the component that establishes the connection between the processor and motherboard) is FCLGA1151.

The i7-8700K has only 16 PCIe lanes coming off the CPU, however, it can be said to support up to 40 platform PCIe lanes if you sum the total number of CPU and PCH.

Integrated Technologies:

The i7-8700K is equipped with a bunch of advanced technologies to boost its performance like Intel Turbo Boost technology which increases the frequency to give you a speed boost when needed.

There’s Intel vPro technology which handles threat management (viruses and malware), identity and website access point protection, confidential personal and business data protection, and remote and local monitoring and repair of PCs and workstations.

There’s also Intel hyper-threading technology and Intel Virtualization technology which enables one hardware platform to act as multiple virtual platforms.

It’s also equipped with Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology which allows you performance boost while maintaining the power conservation by switching voltage and frequency between high and low levels.

The i7-8700K also has Thermal monitoring technologies, Intel identity protection technology, and Intel Stable image platform program (SIPP).


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