AOC AG271QX Review – 27-Inch 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The AOC AG271QX is the dream that came true for gamers with a QHD Resolution, rapid 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate and a variety of gaming features that ensures a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience.

In addition, it supports AMD’s FreeSync technology and has tons of other features that deliver a smooth and responsive performance.

AOC AG271QX In-Depth Review

Image Quality

AOC AG271QX ReviewThe AOC AG271QX has 2560 x 1440 resolution, which displays sharp and crisp images as well as 1000:1 contrast ratio, 170-degree viewing angle, and 350cd/m2 brightness.

The AOC AG271QX has TN panel, which results in having a poor contrast ratio where black appears gray when viewed in a dark room.
Also, it has bad viewing angles where there was noticeable color shifting and loss of luminance when viewed from an extreme top, bottom, or side angle.

The bad viewing angles also cause black uniformity where dark games or movies appear blotchy. But thanks to the great ergonomics of the AG271QX, you will be able to find the perfect spot and options to enjoy the screen.

Out of the box and with the ‘Standard’ picture mode, the monitor has a below average accuracy. But that can be fixed by using calibration mode, which will result in excellent accuracy.


The AOC AG271QX response time of 1ms works on eliminating ghosting and smearing of fast moving objects. This means that gamers will have a big advantage in FPS games over other gamers with slow response time monitors.

The high refresh rate of the AG271QX will ensure a smooth and responsive gameplay without any stuttering, blurring or tearing. As high end games will run smoothly with maxed out setting.

Additionally, the FreeSync technology allows connecting AMD graphics card to the DisplayPort of the monitor and having a synchronized frame rate between the 30Hz – 144Hz range. Along with low input lag, a fantastic gaming performance will be enjoyed.


AOC AG271QX has a lot of exclusive gaming features and some other features.

The AG271QX has AOC Shadow Control feature that helps brighten up the dark corners of the screen without affecting other parts of the screen. It’s a great help in dark games as enemies and objects will be easily spotted.

It also offers Flicker-free technology as well as Low Blue Light technology, which helps reduce the blue light along flickering, making long hours of using the screen comfortable.

The AOC AG271QX includes the standard iMenu software which can be used to adjust the OSD settings in a desktop application instead of using OSD buttons.

However, it also includes the exclusive QuickSwitch Controller, which is a small and handy device that you connect to the mini USB port. It grants the ability to quickly swap between certain presets and easily navigate through the OSD menu to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other options.

Also, the AOC AG271QX Provide the e-Saver feature which allows you to enable auto shutdown of the monitor once the PC goes into the screensaver mode, sleep mode, or when it turns off.

For OSD menu, the AOC AG271QX offers a lot of settings that can be easily adjusted. For starters, luminance settings where you can tune brightness, contrast, gamma, Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and swap between a several presets.

Also, at Image Setup where the position of the image frames on the screen can be tweaked.

While in the Color Setup it has a several color temperature presets including cool, sRGB, Normal, and User Defined.

The OSD Setup section allows to adjust the position of the OSD menu, set a timer, and adjust the volume of the built-in speakers or the connected headset.

The OSD menu allows you a picture boost mode which has bright frame option that can be used to set custom brightness and contrast levels on a specific part of the screen.

For Game Settings, the AOC AG271QX offers calibrated presets for the FPS, RTS, and Racing games as well as three configurable profiles. The game control feature allows configuring the color saturation and gray levels on a scale from 0 to 200 for better picture details.

Design and Connectivity

The Design of the AOC AG271QX is very pleasing to the eyes as it has red and black cabinet, a silvery metal V-shaped stand, and a folding hook that you can hang your headphones on.

It has a matte black plastic bezel which is pretty thin and also the screen of AOC AG271QX is covered with a medium anti-glare matte finish which eliminates the sunlight reflection.

The V shape of the stand is quite solid and steady as it was made of all aluminum material. It can be easily tilted, swiveled, pivoted by 90° into portrait position and height adjusted. The stand also has a measuring unit.

The stand of the AOC AG271QX is also VESA mount compatible.

For Connectivity, the AOC AG271QX has HDMI2.0, HDMI1.4 with the MHL support, DisplayPort1.2, Dual Link DVI, and a VGA port. At the right side of the monitor, you will find two USB3.0 ports, and a headphone and a microphone jacks.

At the back of the monitor, along with the display ports, you will also have two USB2.0 ports, one USB upstream port, and additional microphone and audio line-out ports.

The OSD buttons are placed at the right bottom of the screen.


  • Excellent gaming performance
  • 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Quick Switch keypad
  • Variety of Connectivity
  • Great ergonomics


  • Poor contrast ratio.
  • Bad viewing angles.
  • Out of the box accuracy


The AOC AG271QX is an excellent gaming monitor as it offers so many features and good image quality.

It may have some problems in color accuracy, but that would be fixed with calibration. It comes with a reasonable price considering what it has to offer.

The AOC AG271QX is an ideal monitor for gamers who want to enjoy the high end games with maxed out setting as well as a fast and smooth gaming performance.

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