Acer XF250Q Review

Acer XF250Q Review – Superb FreeSync 240Hz Gaming Monitor

The Acer XF250Q offers a 240Hz refresh rate, a rapid 1ms response time, and FreeSync for the smoothest gameplay experience.

The Acer XF250Q is one of the top 240hz gaming monitors right now in the market.

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In addition, it offers FHD 1080p resolution. It comes with a cheap price for such features.

The Acer XF250Q has an upgrade, which is the Acer XF250QA model and it is equipped with extra connectivity, thinner bezels, and a bonus gaming feature for less motion blur.

Acer XF250Q In-Depth Review

Image Quality

The Acer XF250Q sports an FHD 1080p resolution with a solid pixel density of roughly 90 pixels per inch. It also sports a TN panel with a 240Hz refresh rate and rapid 1ms response time, which results in a fluid gaming experience for competitive gamers.

As we know the TN panel of the Acer XF250Q faces some issues like bad contrast ratio, viewing angles and poor color accuracy making the image quality less vivid.
The drop in contrast ratio led to black appearing gray when viewed in a dark room.

As for the 170/160° viewing angles, it causes a slight color shift when viewed from a certain angle.

But gamers won’t be bothered with it as they will be too busy with the fast gaming performance.


The Acer XF250Q delivers a fast and fluid gaming Performance due to the 240Hz refresh rate, rapid 1ms response time and the adaptive sync technology. As well as, low input lag so gamers will definitely have the upper hand in the field unlike other opponents with regular monitors.


The Acer XF250Q comes with FreeSync technology, which allows synchronizing the frame rate of a FreeSync AMD graphics card to the Acer XF250Q display refresh rate. It results in, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering as well as reduces the input lag.

It also comes with Ultra-Low Blue Light technology, which reduces the exposure of blue light by adjusting color hue and brightness. It can be accessed through the OSD menu.

It has Flickerless technology, which eliminates screen flickering. This minimizes instances of eyestrain and other potentially damaging eye ailments for long gaming sessions.

It also sports 6-Axis Color Adjustments, to achieve color accuracy.

It also has OSD menu with the standard display features that can be used to improve the picture quality.

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Design and Connectivity:

For the Design, the Acer XF250Q has an ordinary design. It has a black plastic finish with normal bezels and stand. The Acer’s logo is on the bottom bezel as well as at the back of the monitor.

The stand has a hole which cables can easily pass through. The base of the stand also has a black finish with red circle inside it. Also, The OSD menu buttons are located at the bottom right edge of the screen.

The Acer XF250Q has full ergonomic support which includes 150 mm height adjust, 60 degrees swivel, -5, 35 degrees tilt, pivot, and 100 x 100 VESA mount compatibility.

For connectivity, the Acer XF250Q offers a Dual-Link DVI, an HDMI 1.4, and a DisplayPort 1.2a for FreeSync. On top of that, it has 5 USB 3.0 ports. And they all exist at the back of the monitor.

It also has two 4W built in speakers, which are quite a bit better than your regular monitor speakers.


  • 1ms response time
  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • Acer VisionCare
  • Flicker-free technology
  • Strong gaming performance


  • Slight color shift
  • Only Full HD resolution
  • Weak built-in speaker.


The Acer XF250Q display will offer the unbelievable gameplay performance for the high-end competitive gaming experience.

The dynamic refresh rate along with the rapid 1ms response time and the 240Hz refresh rate make it quite a thrilling gaming experience.

The Acer XF250Q may not have the best design, but it sure has the strong performance that going to cover the downfalls. As well as satisfying the elite gamers who are looking for a victory.