Virtual Reality Headset for iPod

Best VR headsets for iPod

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If you’re looking for a Virtual Reality headset for iPod, then you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled four of the best in the market for you to look at.

Depending on your price point, and who you’re buying it for, different options will stand out. However, with all VR headsets for iPod, the thing you’re looking for above all else is: experience.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the VR immersive experience, but whether or not you’ll have an enjoyable, fun, and easy time using it. We think the four iPod VR headsets below offer the best experiences given their price, their market, and their iPod compatibility.

Take a look and chose the one for you – make sure you have a 5th or above generation iPod, and that your iOS is up to date.

The 4 best VR headsets to use with iPod

  1. Google Cardboard – Best budget VR headset for iPod
  2. Oculus Go – Best VR headset experience for iPod
  3. Merge – Best VR headset for iPod for kids
  4. Atlasonix – Great value VR headset for iPod

1. Google Cardboard – Best budget VR headset for iPod

When it comes to budget products, few of us expect them to be made of cardboard. But the design wizards over at Google did just that – they kick-started the idea of building iPod VR headsets out of cardboard.

The building materials make this product incredibly affordable, which makes this a great entry-level product. If you’re looking for your first iPod VR headset, then this is a good starting point. It is also good for children who may want to try out VR, but who won’t use an iPod VR headset for a long time.

The unit comes as a flat piece of card, but the assembly is easy. There is a 3-step process to follow, after which the product is ready. The positive thing about the assembly is that it can be a fun project if you’re buying it for children.

The VR headset can take screens ranging between 3.5” and 6.0”, so all the recent iPod models will fit comfortably in the unit. To get the most out of the product, you must install Google Cardboard on your iPod. The app lets you play immersive games, find new VR apps, and it comes with demos.

This product comes as a two-pack, so the cost of one is halved.


  • Incredibly affordable VR experience.
  • It comes as a 2 pack.


  • Cardboard doesn’t stand up to the rough and tumble of small kids.
  • No foam pads for around the nose or eyes.

2. Oculus Go – Best VR headset experience for iPod

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 32GB
  • Personal Viewing: The littlest, big screen. Crystal clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics make your headset feel more like a personal theater
  • Viewing with Friends: Watch with friends. Meet up in VR with friends and fans from around the world to catch live sports, concerts, or just your favorite TV show
  • Portable & Easy to Use: Ready when you are. Experience portable, all-in-1 VR. That means no PC, phone, wires or hassles
  • Controller: Effortless control. Whether it's navigating to your favorite shows or to a far-off land, the intuitive controller makes getting there a cinch
  • Built-In Audio: Surrounded by sound. Spatial audio drivers are built right into the headset, providing dramatic, immersive sound without the need for bulky or tangled headphones. Oculus Go also features a 3.5 millimeter audio jack

The first thing to note about the Oculus Go is that – unlike the other iPod VR headsets on our list – it doesn’t require the iPod screen to operate. Rather, it has an in-built 5.5”, 2569 x 1140 wide quad high-definition LCD screen.

Its in-built screen has a variable refresh rate of between 60Hz and 72Hz – depending on the program you’re using – which is more than sufficient for your eye not to notice any lag.

It features a micro-USB port for charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack for optional earwear.

When it comes to internals, the Oculus Go uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 CPU and has two optional, fixed storage sizes: 32GB and 64GB. The larger model’s storage allows you to save images, videos, and any onboard apps.

The Oculus app is easy to install on your iPod. It will walk you through the set-up process, and once done you’ll have access to a large library of games and experiences – you can access Oculus Go apps for Netflix, Hulu, and ShowTime.

The whole unit weighs a scratch over one pound, comes with breathable fabric for the facemask and wide stabilizing headbands. Overall, this is a very comfortable wearing experience, and you’d easily use up the 3-hour battery life without the need for taking it off.


  • In-built 5.5” HD screen LED screen.
  • Impressive VR experience.
  • Light and comfortable.


  • Expensive compared to other models on the list.

3. Merge – Best VR headset for iPod for kids

Merge AR/VR Headset - Go Anywhere - Virtual Reality Field Trips and Mixed Reality Learning - Science and STEM Ages 10 and up (Moon Grey)
  • The Merge AR/VR Headset provides 100’s of virtual field trips and experience learning firsthand, find 360-degree videos and experiences at Merge Miniverse online
  • Named as best Virtual Reality headset for kids and tweens and winner of the Academic's Choice Award
  • Made out of a comfortable and rugged foam, fits any face, withstands everyday bumps and drops, and is easy to clean
  • Works with the Merge Cube, an award-winning science and STEM tool that allows kids to hold virtual objects and learn in ways never possible before
  • Compatible with iOS and android smartphones, and easy to use for students aged 10 plus

The Merge VR headset is a low-cost, child-focused headset that is perfectly paired with the iPod. It will work with screens between 4.8” and 6.2”, it has 42mm lenses offering a wide-angled 96-degree field of view, and it can fit around eyeglasses.

The Merge is made of a foam-rubber-like substance, making it incredibly child-friendly and durable – no sharp corners and brittle components. In addition, the material adds a lot to its ergonomics and comfort. Whilst it doesn’t have a cushion around the eyes, the material is soft and feels a lot like one.

In total the device weighs around 12 ounces, making it a comfortable weight for children to play with for hours.

A standout feature is the library of field trip experiences available in the Merge Miniverse. You can take full 360-degree immersive tours of space, locations around the globe, or even travel back in time to stand side-by-side with a dinosaur.

The Merge VR headset has a total of 16 consumer awards, all praising it as the best tech for learning and kids.


  • Field trip experiences are great for kids.
  • A lineup of child-friendly colours.
  • A multi-award winner for learning and child-tech.


  • Hard to remove the iPod.
  • Doesn’t offer truly immersive experiences like higher-end devices.

4. Atlasonix – Great value VR headset for iPod

VR Headset Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones | VR Set Incl. Remote Control for Android Smartphones | 3D Virtual Reality Goggles w/ Controller | Adjustable VR Glasses - Gift for Kids and Adults
  • BONUS: REMOTE CONTROL FOR ANDROID PHONES – Atlasonix virtual VR glasses work with smartphones and mobile devices with 4”- 6.3” screens to bring you a totally immersive visual experience. Boasting HD optimization and 3D gaming support, you’ll put yourself right into the action with games, movies and more!
  • IMPROVED VISUAL EXPERIENCE – Gaming and watching movies in 3D works best when proper your eyes properly align with the screen. That’s why our 3D headset offers FD and OD adjustments to expand the viewing angle and perfectly match focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment for reduced distortion.
  • COMFORTABLE, EXTENDED WEAR DESIGN – Once you start gaming and watching 3D movies with Atlasonix, you’re never going to want to take it off. That’s why we offer a comfort-fit experience with a fully adjustable head strap, eyesight protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS & ADULTS – The best thing about our headset is your ability to play virtual reality games wherever you may go.
  • EXCLUSIVE VR CONTENT & ONLINE SUPPORT - Along with the more than 300 games, apps and VR adventures to be found on the web, we also provide a QR code with special VR content!

The Atlasonix is compatible with iPods with screens between 4” and 6.3”, but if you’d like to use an Android or Apple phone, then you can do that too.

The device has adjustable focal depth (FD) and object depth (OD), which allows you to change the positioning of the focal point and object placement within your field of vision. This reduces the blur and distortion and allows for a more customized viewing experience for your eyes.

If you’re not using the Atlasonix with an iPod or Apple device, then you’ll be able to use the additional hand-controller. This will give you better, more intuitive controls but it won’t parallel the Oculus Go.

The design and ergonomics of the device are good, beating both the Merge and Cardboard. It weighs in at 11 ounces, it has a breathable foam face mask, and it features a 3-way secured fully adjustable head strap. Together these allow you to play for extended periods without feeling tired or uncomfortable.


  • Very affordable price.
  • Comfortable facemask.


  • Controller for non-Apple devices only.
  • Budget materials give it a low-end feel.