Should You Buy A 4K Gaming Monitor? [Simple Answer]

Should You Buy A 4K Gaming Monitor?Games, movies, and TV series nowadays have become so developed in many ways, and one of the most prominent of which are the graphics and details of the images being displayed.

Of course, to get the most immersive experience out of all of them, you have to have devices with technology that matches these developments, which bring us to 4K monitors.

4K monitors provide you with very intricate details of the images you’re viewing and so enable you to enjoy the view maximally. After we look into their advantages and disadvantages, would we say a 4K monitor is worth buying?

Is A 4K Gaming Monitor Worth It?

Here is why the answer is yes:

The 4K resolution seems to be where everyone is headed in the future, especially if we consider the consoles Xbox One X and PS4 Pro that were released specifically to be compatible with them.

Right now, they’re at a relatively good price that would be a good investment to have made in the future. It’s also generally better for your budget than to upgrade to 2K now and then –inevitably- 4K later on.

The 4K resolution gives you amazing visuals and extremely sharp images on much bigger screens without getting the images pixelated. And even if you view your game or show on a 1080p display, you’ll get a better image quality overall. It’s like viewing your content in 3D but without the glasses, headaches, and nausea.

Here is why the answer is no:

The content that has been released for 4K resolutions is not yet that extensive, so your options would be limited for games, movies, or shows that you can run on a 4K monitor. Moreover, older titles would need upscaling if you would like to view them on your new monitor, and might be less immersive than they were on a 2K screen.

Add to that, you need very high specs to be compatible with the 4K monitor if you’re planning to use it for gaming; like high refresh rate, low response time, and an up-to-date graphics’ card.

Add these costs to the already expensive monitor and you’ll need a relatively big budget to upgrade.

Final Words | Should You Get A 4K Monitor for Gaming?

If you’re looking to upgrade (specifically to 2K), then skip this step and go for the 4K directly, and that is if you could actually make use of the upgrade and maximize its potential. If you’re on a low budget, then stir away from 4K monitors because they need a couple of more companions that aren’t very cheap either.

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