Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 – Which is Right for You?

Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2

Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2: In the sports world, owning a fitness tracker is now the new trend; it is not only chic and stylish to wear everywhere but above all, it is more than just a device that wraps comfortably around your wrist as you do your daily workout or perhaps a hardcore session of hiking or going for a sprint.

Fitbit Blaze vs Fitbit Charge 2 will not be an easy decision to tackle but first, let us introduce those products to you.

Fitness trackers aid you to keep tabs on everything regarding your health and the activities you make; these devices not only count your walking steps, but also keep up with your heart rate, and takes notice of your sleep track.

It is more than just a digital watch attached to your wrist as these trackers help you stay motivated whilst exercising.

The sports equipment market is huge and filled with many products and brands; Fitbit is considered to be one of the top leading companies that produce fitness trackers with the best features and materials.

Fitbit owns about seven trackers in the market; the Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2 are on top of the list and so deciding which is better is not an easy rundown.

In many ways the Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2 are almost identical as both can track your steps, as well as count the burned calories, stairs climbed, active time, resting heart rate and quality of sleep.

In this article, we will be doing a little debate entitled Fitbit Charge 2 vs Blaze, so we will list down the most important features found in both trackers and which one outshines the other.

Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2: Key Differences

Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 | Touchscreen and Display:

One of the core features in any tracker is the display screen kudos if it is a
touchscreen; it is a perk as you will be able to have multiple options to choose from as
well as connecting to your smartphones.

Fitbit Blaze:

First time for a Fitbit product to obtain a LCD colour screen, giving vivid and bright
sight while you are during the workout.

Also, it is the largest screen mounted than on any other
Fitbit tracker and so it provides clear sight and display of information.

Fitbit Charge 2:

It has a large screen full of extra details however it is not coloured, but it is an OLED display, so
all the information are delivered smoothly and making them easy to read midst exercising.

winner: the Fitbit Blaze wins this round; its screen is coloured and large but, most importantly its
size is the suitable size for a watch’s screen display.​

Fitbit Charge 2 vs Blaze | Activity Tracking:

The most essential features that can be found in a fitness tracker are the following: track
steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, active time, resting heart rate and quality of sleep.
So has it better, Fitbit Charge 2 or Blaze? Let’s find out.

Fitbit Blaze:

The Blaze is filled with great features, probably one of its most eye catching features is its
FitStar app that contains multiple coaching modes.

The app offers you a wide range of exercises to choose from and makes exercise accessible and more approachable. All this and
more with the enhanced Pure Pulse and idle alert, it makes quite the difference when it comes
to weight loss.

Fitbit Charge 2:

Charge 2 on the other hand has a coupe of great features too; it contains new modes to analyze
activities such as weights and interval training so it could keep track better of your exercises but
it lacks the motivation that the FitStar app provides.

winner: we must say that both offer great features but the Blaze has swept the field in this
round, all thanks to the FitStar app that comes in the tracker.

Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 | Water Resistance:

Water proof? No. Water resistant? Yes.

Both products provide water resistant feature; you may not be able to take the tracker with you to swim or to wear it while you are in the shower but, the tracker is durable enough to endure all the produced sweat from all the heavy workouts you do and still function great.

winner: in this round, we will call it a tie as both products deliver the same impeccable performance in this category.

Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 | Battery:

Different trackers use different methods for charging: some trackers use changeable batteries, they need to be changed constantly but they will last longer. Other trackers are recharged via usb cables.

Fitbit Blaze:

For a device that beholds such a large screen that shows colorful features, its battery can live up to 5 days from just a one single charge.

Fitbit Charge 2:

The Charge 2 tracker’s battery can last up to 5 days, and it takes about 2 hours to fully recharge back.

winner: we have to call it a tie, again. Both trackers can live up to the same number of days while working calm and strong with no stutterings.

Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 | Price:

We must say that both products are budget friendly considering other fitness trackers available in the market. But which tracker will acquire the lowest price with the highest features; Fitbit Blaze or Charge 2? Let us find out.

Fitbit Blaze:

The Blaze comes in at $199.

Fitbit Charge 2:

The Fitbit Charge 2 is in a range of $150.

winner: according to the cheapest and suitable for everyone to buy, the Fitbit Charge 2 wins this round.

Before we reveal the big winner of the Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 debate, let us reflect on each Fitbit itself and let you decide first which fitness tracker is better.

Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 | In Depth Review:

Fitbit Charge 2 vs BlazeThe Fitbit Blaze is a household name in the fitness trackers field, Fitbit has manufactured new pinnacles in this tracker by making it one of the best out there in the market.

Fitbit has created a new line of screens and started with the Blaze; this tracker has a coloured LCD display screen that is very vivid and bright, making it very easy on the eyes and even easier to see whether you are using it in a sunny day time or a dim night hour of the day, the screen is clear and bright, a true visual beauty.

When it comes to looks; the Blaze might look like a normal smartwatch but it has the perfect and fit normal watch size for everyone to wear. It is comfortably fit, but some users might find the tracker to be too large for their wrist.

However, the Blaze serves the traditional, and classic look for watches and so making it great to wear everywhere.

The Fitbit Blaze runs Fitbit’s own software; a software that is super easy to use, it will display the time clock along with a little monitor for your heart rate, step count and flights of stairs climbed.

The software delivers an excellent performance so you do not have to worry about any stuttering occuring midst an exercise.

The tracker offers a lot more when connected to a mobile, firstly, it is compatible to all smartphones platforms; it will make texts and phone call alerts come through to your watch, as well as calendar notifications.

In addition, you will be able to pause and skip songs within all different kind of music platforms whether if it is spotify, apple music or your phone’s own music player.

The Blaze’s battery life can stay alive for 5 days which is quite impressive considering its colourful lcd screen and animation features but, if you are one of the intensive uses, its battery will be brought down to three to four days of use.


  • Suitable price for everyone.
  • Powerful battery life.
  • Impressive activity tracking features.
  • FitStar app.
  • Large screen.


  • Outdated design.
  • Lack of notifications options.
  • No GPS included.

All in all, the Fitbit Blaze is an impressive fitness tracker, its FitStar app is the perfect motivational trainer that you will need in your road to fitness journey.

Fitbit Blaze vs Fitbit Charge 2Fitbit Charge 2 is one of Fitbit’s mega improved line of fitness trackers; it features new modes to analyze activities such as weights and interval training so it could keep track better of your exercises.

Fitbit Charge 2’s design appearance can not be compared with its older versions; the screen is quite larger and full of extra details, it has a thicker and stronger band which spreads on your wrists securely than before.

They added switchable bands which you can buy and change according to your sense of style, they are easy to swap, but each will need some working in to attach properly.

The Charge 2 has a touchscreen that sometimes might get unresponsive due to sweaty fingers caused from exercising so it is not always easy to switch menus especially with its tap gesture feature in which you will need to extra tap the screen to get to the menu you want. There is a button positioned on the left side that lets you skip through menus and you can also hold down this button to activate certain features.

In the Fitbit Charge 2, a new level of customization has been introduced as you can now custom change the straps to different colors, the colors available are: light blue, dark blue, black or purple, these are the main colors but there are a couple of premium ones that are made of real leather.

Another improved feature in the Fitbit product is the material of the strap, the original Fitbit used to use a material that caused skin irritation, redness and swelling so they changed the material so it will stop affecting sensitive skin.

The Charge 2 may not be waterproof but it is water resistant so it can handle a few water splashes or a couple of sweats while you are exercising, it can even stay alive during dishwashing as well.

The tracker is super easy to setup and connect with your smartphone, it also works with a large variety of smartphones so there are no worries in finding compatible apps.

The app helps you create a fitness profile which will be filled with all your health problems, activities and also your improvement.

The battery of the tracker can last up to 5 days, it takes about 2 hours to fully recharge back, but you might face an obstacle if you want to use the sleep track feature, it might be a hassle to use while you are asleep and trying to keep it connected for charging.


  • Big screen display.
  • Interchangeable bands.
  • Wide variety of activity tracking features.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Good battery life.


  • Expensive straps.
  • No GPS.
  • Simple notification alerts.

Final thoughts, the Fitbit Charge 2 has quite the brilliant features that deliver a powerful and strong performance. It will automatically become your favorite tracker after just one use, with its large display screen, it will for sure win your heart and catch your eye.

Fitbit Blaze or Charge 2: Final Verdict

Let us mention some final words and wrap this up, so above we have listed everything you need to know about the products and why both are two of the top leading trackers in the fitness field.

It is quite drastic to choose which is better out of Fitbit Charge 2 or the Blaze as both devices come with fantastic features, they both deliver great performance and also come in great pocket friendly price.

If you want a tracker that will help you lose weight, motivate you during all the exercises, and become a part of your transformational journey, then we totally recommend you to get the Blaze as it has the FitStar app which is perfect for offering great exercises and tips and keeping you motivated.

If not, and you are looking for a simple yet effective kind of trackers that gets the job done, then we definitely recommend you buying the Fitbit Charge 2; it is a robust and powerful tracker that keeps up with your heart rate, sleep track as well as your steps count.

It can identify different kinds of exercise and helps you stay alerted with your health activities.

It will also be fitting for you if you are on a certain budget as it is cheaper than the Blaze.

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