Best MMO Mouse

Best MMO Mouse – Buyer’s Guide

What is a MMO mouse you might ask? It is a special kind of mice, MMO being short for “massively multiplayer online games”.

If you are on your way to becoming a professional gaming player, then you surely need to own the best MMO Mouse in the gaming realm.

These mice are blessed with extra buttons that come in handy during any multiplayer games.

The market is filled with loads of products and so searching for the best mouse for MMO could be hard but, have no fear.

In this article, we will list down our top choices for the MMO mice in the gaming league and by the time you reach the end, you will be able to find your next gaming partner with the help of our buyer’s guide.

Best MMO Mouse

1. Razer Naga Trinity – The Best MMO Gaming Mouse

Best MMO Gaming MouseThe Razer Naga Trinity is a specially designed mmo mouse with a versatile side, smooth motion tracking feature, and its easy customization that attracts everyone towards this beauty.

This mmo mouse is adorned with a 12 button layout that are divided into 3 panels: either rigid, curved or simple which are all quite versatile midst playing as they are easy to hold and press.

The Naga Trinity is a wide and large mmo mouse that has a rest for a fourth finger; you will find as well a left button, a right button and along with a scrolling wheel that clicks three ways with two dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity adjustment buttons right beneath that wheel.

The Razer Naga Trinity features RGB lighting which can be adjusted from its super easy software: the Razer Synapse 3 software, you will also be able to reprogram the buttons, create profiles for individual games, and adjust the DPI.

The Naga Trinity might be a large mmo mouse but one of its high appreciated features is its body splitted panels, the body is split into 3 panels that are also swappable, they are extremely easy to switch between, not to mention that they are magnetic so it is easy to put back together.

The only down side of this mmo mouse is its non existent weight controller, this mouse might be big for some users so if you are one of the people who prefer small mouses, this mmo mouse is probably not for you but, if you are unbothered by the size and looking for a versatile mouse with loads of buttons, then surely you are looking at great mmo gaming mouse.

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  • Customizable side plates.
  • Easy to use software.
  • Decent customization options.
  • Reasonable price.


  • A bit large for some.
  • No weight or height adjustments.

Final words, the Razer Naga Trinity is a highly good mouse for MMO all thanks to its versatile swappable panels, in addition to its amazing software and great customization options.

On top of all, its reasonable price, this mmo mouse will be a perfect addition to your gaming gear.

2. Logitech G600 – Best MMO Mouse

Best MMO MouseThe Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse is one of the massively fine mmo mice; it holds some incredible feature as well having a strong performance in any gaming session.

The G600 has one of the smoothest designs in the market, you will absolutely crave its palm grip. It might be heavier and also bulkier than most mmo mice but that does not mean it is any less comfortable to use.

Just like any mmo mouse, you will find a 12 button set on the side, and regarding the top of the mouse; you will find 2 thumb buttons which are the main attraction for the G600. The buttons are quite versatile and smooth so they will not cause any uneasiness whilst playing.

The Logitech G600’s software offers great customization settings, you have up to six slots to save different gaming profiles for various games, you can edit the two non programmable buttons to your preference, and also you will be able to adjust the dots-per-inch (DPI) inputs

Although the G600 might be a bit large for some user but it has a great tracker, the cursor can run so smoothly on any surface and responds fast without any errors, this mmo gaming mouse is quite responsive and functional.


  • Wonderful software.
  • Wide customization settings.
  • A bulky yet comfortable design.


  • Only useful for MMO users.

All in all, the Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse is a fine choice for you to own, it has wonderful features that perfect for all mmo gamers who look for a mmo mouse that is suitable to all their gaming needs especially customization for individual games.

3. Razer Naga Chroma – Best Wireless MMO Mouse

Best Wireless MMO MouseA better and improved version, the Razer Naga Chroma has exceeded all expectations with its incredible upgrade, giving all the users a feature they never thought they needed as well as being the best wireless mmo mouse in the market.

The Naga Chroma is one enormous mouse however it is perfect for all palm grippers, it is an extremely comfortable mmo mouse despite its design as it is only suited for mmo gaming.

The Chroma is also adorned with several thumb buttons: 12 to be exact, and an overall number of 19 buttons which are: a right button, a left button, a scroll wheel that clicks three ways, two central buttons and the 12 thumb buttons.

The Naga Epic Chroma mmo gaming mouse uses the Razer Synapse 2.0 software it allows you to easy program the buttons to whatever commands you would like, and also control the colors of everything: wired or wireless modes, the scroll wheel and even the buttons.

The major upgrade from the Naga’s previous version is the wireless feature, it is as responsive as the wired mode and also functions well in long ranges that extends to about 10 feet which is technically the range of user sitting in front of a screen and so making this Naga Epic Chrome a good wireless mmo mouse for gaming.


  • Wireless feature and great functionality.
  • Perfectly designed for MMO usage.
  • Simple software.
  • Colorful customization choices.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • A bit expensive regarding its previous version.
  • Not suitable for other genres.

On the whole matter, the Naga Epic Chroma is one of the best MMO mice and has definitely out passed its predecessor with the wireless function which changed how some view the Naga Epic completely, and furthermore, the lighting settings and overall performance has left everyone reeling.

4. Logitech G900 – A Great Wireless MMO Mouse

Wireless MMO MouseThe Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum has successfully become one of the most desired mmo mice all because of its wonderful wireless abilities and along other functional capabilities that has surely wowed everyone.

It is said that the G900 is one magnificent engineerial piece thanks to its beautiful and comfortable design; it fits almost any hand as it is small and light.

Aside from the basic thumb buttons, the G900 is graced with a left button, a right button, a scroll wheel that clicks three ways, and two dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity buttons which is found in the center.

You will also find a button to change the resistance of the scroll wheel as well as a button that changes the gaming profiles which sounds very helpful for gamers who play various games at once.

The G900’s wireless functionality is quite superb, it is almost flawless even in crowded wireless connections, it will still work just fine. You can also use the wired mode which has a cord that is about 6 feet long.

The only thing missing is a charging dock which is usually included with wireless mice.

As for the mouse charging, the G900 has a decent battery which could take up to about 2 hours of charging and in return can offer you with a number between 24 and 32 hours of battery life.

The Logitech Gaming Software is a great software, once installed it scans your pc for any installed games and sets up a profile for them by itself. You will also be able to play with the lighting settings as well as the buttons functionality.


  • Super fine performance.
  • Wired and wireless mmo gaming mouse.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Awesome design.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • No charging dock.
  • MMO gamers might prefer more buttons.

Final verdict, the Logitech G900 is one comfortable lightweight mmo mouse, it is packed with brilliant features especially being a double edged weapon as a wired and wireless device that works smoothly either way.

5. Logitech G903 – Best Wireless Mouse for MMO

Logitech has returned again with yet another wireless mmo mouse, the Logitech G900 is one of the class leading mmo mice in the wireless category with its excellent performance and decent sensor.

The Logitech G903’s appearance adorns gentle curves with an all black design, its long body is quite fit to all hand size and is quite comfortable as well.

The G903 has 9 buttons aside from the usual standard left and right click, middle click, in addition to 2 buttons that by default are for adjusting the DPI.

Moreover, the buttons are actually in a delicate place, they are placed behind the mouse wheel which might tend to be a problem if you like to change the dpi constantly.

The G903 works as both a wired and a wireless mmo mouse, when using the wireless mode you will not be faced with any wireless connection problems as its connection is quite the strong one.

One of the main reasons that cause the G900’s accuracy is its PMW3366 optical sensor that is very powerful.

If you are going wireless mode then you must wonder about the charging options, the Logitech G903 gets charged with a PowerPlay mat which you buy separately, it might be an expensive feature but it is definitely worth it.

But if you can not afford it, you can always use the same USB dongle as Logitech has used on its other wireless devices


  • Excellent wireless performance.
  • Powerful sensor.
  • Strong body build.
  • New wireless charging technology.


  • Extortionate price.

Final words, the G903 is a fantastic wireless mmo mice in the market but in order to unlock its wondrous new features, you need to buy the new technology it offers separately which is the PowerPlay mat.

6. Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB – Best Gaming Performance MMO Mouse

The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB is one mmo mouse for the hardcore players, this mouse has certainly exceeded its precedeer with an improved sensor optical sensor.

The Pro RGB physical appearance is eye appealing, the mmo mouse is available in an all black attire, the mouse adorns the standard right and left buttons along with 12 button keypad keys, the extra keys are fully programmable.

On the top you will be able to take notice of two buttons that sit right behind the scroll wheel; the forward button switches between onboard profiles, and the rear button switches between DPI settings.

The Corsair Pro RGB is graced with an optical sensor that boosts a really high 16,000 DPI resolution which is above the normal of most mmo mice. All this and more result in a reliable mmo mouse that is suitable for all gamers.

This mmo mouse supports the CUE software which you can download easily, however, it has a down side which is you can not store gaming profiles on the mouse as there is no onboard storage.

You can still change lighting colors from the settings inside the software along with the DPI adjustment, and last but not least, the surface calibration which is responsible for track tuning.


  • Well-designed body build.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Accurate tracking abilities.
  • Good overall performance.


  • A bit pricey.
  • No weight adjustments.

In conclusion, It has a wide variety of features and functions along with delivering a splendid and strong gaming performance.

7. UtechSmart Venus – A Great MMO Gaming Mouse

The UtechSmart Venus is specifically build for all the gamers who love precision more than anything especially with holding a DPI record of 16400 DPI, proving that this mmo mouse is just above any level.

The Venus mmo mouse possesses one of the most original looks, the mouse adorns a number of 12 buttons found on the side all angled at a different direction but also they are easy to reach and press on every row, aside from the 12 buttons you will find the regular left and right buttons, a scroll wheel, and scroll click.

There are three more convenient buttons here as well. Under the scroll wheel are two arrow buttons in which by default control the DPI of the mouse.

The UtechSmart Venus’s body is a bit bulky regardless of how, it is quite lightweight, comfortable and totally fit which will help you have full control over the mouse midst gaming allowing you a better gaming experience and a more fruitful one.

The software that comes with the mouse works simply and straight to the point, you just plug the mouse, insert the cd and play.

The Venus offers you a 5 savable memory profiles which you can distinct each profile by a different light color for quick identification. Moreover, you can customize every single button on the mouse, as well as change the acceleration and pointer speed.


  • Suitable price tag.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • User-friendly software.
  • Several color options


  • A bit bulky.
  • Lighting is not so configurable.

Overall view, the UtechSmart Venus offers a great value for its cheap affordable price, it is perfect and suitable for any gamer on a budget but still want decent quality offered in return.

Buyer’s Guide for MMO Mouse:

Above we have mentioned our best picks for the MMO mice, now it is time for us to lay down some important elements that you need to know in order to know how to pick the best gaming mouse.

Mouse Type: in the mouse gaming world, you will be faced with a various set of mouse and you need to differentiate between the types. Each type offers different features and is created for mostly a specific type of games:

-All-purpose mice are the most common kind of gaming mouse, they are the best when it comes to control.
-FPS mice is short for (First Person Shooters) it is perfect for gun games.
MMO Mice are great for games that require complex multiple weapons, shortcuts, maps etc..
-Customizable mice they let players customize almost everything about them: size, palm rest, and buttons.

Grip Style: each mouse has its own grip form, make sure to find one that is comfortable with your hand, and make sure that it is made of good on-top materials so you will not get sweaty easily.

Wired or Wireless: this element is up to you and your preference, if you prefer to play for long hours then we recommend wired as the wireless mouses will require to be recharged, on the other hand, wireless mouses are great for couch playing.

Design: make sure to hold the mouse in your hand; size matters according to your hand size because some mouses might be bulky, others tend to be light and thin so get one that meets with your comfort level.

Price: just because it is expensive does not mean it is the best, make sure to read each product’s review and find out if its specifications meet with your needs and price range.

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